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  1. De Aar Covid-19 Response

    Solar Capital De Aar 3 have made significant and meaningful contributions to socioeconomic and enterprise development in the area, but none is more impactful than…

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  2. Community Wi-Fi

    In De Aar, access to the internet by members of the community at large is limited due to basic infrastructure, as well as a lack…

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  3. Drivers License Programme

    Coega Development Corporation was appointed as Service Provider to implement and manage the Solar Capital De Aar Driver Training Programme for 100 beneficiaries, giving the…

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  4. Entrepreneurial Development Programme

    According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Report, South Africa has one of the highest failure rates of business start-ups in the world. These business…

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  5. Study Bursaries

    Bursaries are awarded to qualifying students from De Aar and surrounding areas who have been selected to be beneficiaries of the Solar Capital De Aar…

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  6. Early Childhood Development

    Only 21,000 or 17% of an estimated 124 000 Children in the Pixley Ka Seme region have access to Early Childhood Development centres or community…

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  7. Loeriesfontein – Project 3

  8. Our Vision

      Solar Capital has built up a local and international proficiency in renewable energy, in order to realize their mission. Through determined cost management, innovation…

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  9. Phelan Energy Group New Low Record Price

    A world leader in the development of affordable Solar PV solutions, Phelan Energy Group Limited (PEG), has made global headlines this week by winning a…

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  10. Solar PV Outlook

    CUMULATIVE GLOBAL INSTALLED SOLAR PV * 1 GW powers 1,000,000 homes in South Africa   Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2016