Management Services



Solar Capital Management Services (MSC) specializes in the management of renewable energy projects and operational facilities on behalf of the developer. We provide a wide spectrum of management services to ensure the successful delivery of projects through the effective and efficient management of the facilities during its life cycle.


  • Provide support and guidance to the Project Team
  • Project Management [cost, time, quality, risk, communication, procurement and stakeholder management]
  • Operations Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Improvement of Project Performance
  • Engineering Services
  • Integration of the Project Team to ensure streamling
  • Ensure the project is managed within the triple constraint [cost, time and scope]
  • Progressive elaboration of project plans and methodologies
  • Implementation of 6 Sigma Standard Deviation which relates to a level of 99.9% quality
  • Optimize use of highly specialized team’s expertise in renewable energy and project management and effective operation within the boundaries of the investment agreements and specifications