De Aar Covid-19 Response

Solar Capital De Aar 3 have made significant and meaningful contributions to socioeconomic and enterprise development in the area, but none is more impactful than coming to the aid of this community during one of the most challenging times this country has ever faced.  Solar Capital De Aar 3 has brought some relief to the Emthanjeni Municipality by delivering and distributing 200 food and hygiene parcels; consisting of soap, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, sanitizer, toilet paper, tinned foods, maize meal to name but a few; to families in De Aar and the surrounding towns.  2000 masks, of which 1,000 branded masks have been manufactured and purchased from a local woman owned enterprise in De Aar, have also been distributed to community members to try and mitigate the spread.  Solar Capital De Aar 3 has also launched a feeding programme where each day 1,000 children will be given a meal.  The duration for this programme is 1 year.