Solar Capital Community Development Workers Programme

In November 2003, the Cabinet launched the Community Development Workers (CDW) Programme to rural communities in order fill a social gap that had been identified.
These CDW’s are public servants who have the primary role of the dissemination of information to communities about the benefits and services to which all citizens are entitled. In this role, these CDW’S have formed relationships with the poor and needy they are working with. As a result of these relationships, the community members are turning to the CDW’s on a daily basis for assistance with numerous social problems. However, the CDW’s do not have the specialized skills to assist or guide the community to find solutions enabling economic development. These special people have been working tirelessly year in and year out without a formal qualification or the much-needed knowledge and support.
The Municipality of Emthanjeni have identified that the local CDW’S urgently need assistance but do not have the funds or the capacity to address this challenge. The REIPPP thus provided Emthanjeni Municipality with a solution. Solar Capital was consequently approached and asked to assist with the funding of a qualification, done through Stellenbosch University. This funding enabled the development of the curriculum, and will ensure that the 2 year course is delivered to the 35 CDW’s in the Emthanjeni Municipal area. This programme was launched in March 2015 with CDW’s already reporting positive transformation in their lives.
Development of course content and funding of 1st year of fees: R990 000.00
Second year fees R1 million.