Solar Capital Community Training Centre

Solar Capital has designed and installed a computer laboratory, and thus equipped their Community Training Centre (CTC) in De Aar. This facility is within easy access of a large portion of the De Aar community. The computer lab has 13 stations with the latest IT technology and training software. Moreover, the wi-fi network will allow for additional students to be trained while using electronic tablets. Some of the training needs that will be addressed are: basic computer training; entrepreneurial development; Excel; basic web design; sensible drinking; and project management. This training centre will fill the need for a facility that is freely available for those community members who no longer have access to school laboratories. The CTC will thus allow flexibility to implement training needs that arise within the Emthanjeni Municipal district. Plans for maintenance and expansion of this centre are in place ensuring that the community have access to the latest technology.
Current expenditure on this project: R700 000