Solar Capital Free Community Wi-Fi

In De Aar, access to the internet by members of the community at large is limited due to basic infrastructure, as well as a lack of money for data. During stakeholder engagement with educators; municipal members; and local business forums, Solar Capital realised that social and economic development of children and adults in De Aar will only take place if access to the internet became available to the previously disadvantaged community. Free community Wi-Fi was a necessity! The first part of this programme has been the installation of 20 hot spots. 14 locations are in schools, and the other are in public areas used by the community.
To date, expenditure on the installation of both hard and software, as well as data, is R745 000.
Plans are in place for the maintenance and expansion of the network are in place ensuring that this project will deliver the latest technology and be sustained for at least the next 20 years.