Solar Capital Helps To Power Africa

Solar Capital was recently declared an official partner of the highly regarded US Government-led initiative, Power Africa.


The U.S. government launched Power Africa in 2013 with the goal of doubling access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030. This vision is being achieved by bringing over 140 public and private sector partners together to help advance power sector deals. Power Africa aims to deliver 30 000 Megawatt (MW) of electricity, and to add 60 million new home and business connections throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


Solar Capital is currently assisting Power Africa in its ambitions by producing 175 MW of power from the two-phase Solar Capital De Aar and Solar Capital De Aar 3 PV facility near De Aar in the Northern Cape of South Africa.


Solar Capital will continue our expansion of solar power in Africa in 2017 through the construction of another 75 MW facility in the Northern Cape.


Power Africa recognizes the value of such renewable energy programmes, as well as the importance of building strong relations with private sector partners in order to achieve their aim of power expansion. As such, we look forward to this joint collaboration and are delighted to partner with Power Africa in their honourable endevour of providing electricity to areas in need in sub-Saharan Africa.

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